This sounds like so much fun!

If you're looking for something to do today with the family, why not head to Stratham Hill Park for a day of ice skating!

According to Stratham Parks and Recreation Facebook page, the snow has been removed from the rink and they are open until 9pm tonight!

I love to ice skate but I am not very good at it.  I remember when I first put on a pair of skates and a friend of mine was a hockey player, so he took my hand and guided me around the ice.  It was SO FUN, but then I fell down and it wasn't so fun.  I gave it another go once at Boston Common.  If you've never been ice skating at Boston Common, I suggest you go.  I remember it was a cold, cold night and I was NOT prepared to go ice skating, but I was in Bean Town for the night and I may have had a couple of cocktails in me at the time, so, there I was - renting a pair of skates before my sober self could talk me out of it.  I didn't have gloves that night either.  There I was, holding the rail on the side of the rink trying to propel myself 'round and 'round.  It was a sight to see, I'm sure.  This drunk lady trying to navigate herself on a pair of skates she had no business wearing.

I vowed that I would once again try when I felt more sober!  I mean, confident!  Maybe I'll head on over to Stratham Hill Park just down the road from my house!  It's closer and I'll be properly dressed this time and not so haaaamud.

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