With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, many of us are taking some extra time to reflect on the moms or mother figures in our lives, all they've done for us, and how much we love and appreciate them.

The work that all moms do is admirable. After all, raising a living, breathing human being is no easy feat, and something none of us can truly imagine unless you are or have been in that position yourself.

According to WalletHub, approximately 68% of moms with children under 18 were in the workforce as of 2021. Isn't that amazing? It can obviously be challenging to work and be a full-time mom at the same time, especially with younger children. But that's what makes these people all the more inspiring.

It turns out that if you're a working mom living in Massachusetts, you might be in just the right place according to a recent study.

WalletHub unveiled some interesting information about the best and worst states in the country to be a working mom. Coming in at #1 was, you guessed it, Massachusetts. The runner-ups were Connecticut at #2, and Rhode Island at #3. (way to go, New England).

The individual factors determining each state's cumulative rank were child care, professional opportunities, and work-life balance, for which Massachusetts ranked #4, #22, and #1, respectively.

As for New Hampshire and Maine? Well, the study gave New Hampshire an overall ranking of #10 (#8 in child care, #4 in professional opportunities, and #34 in work-life balance), while Maine was just a few tiers behind at #14 (#18 in child care, #43 in professional opportunities, and #14 in work-life balance).

It looks like all-in-all, New England is the place to be for working moms in the US. To all the mommas out there, we love and admire you, and wish you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

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