Sebago Lake got a nice dose of "Merica" recently.

Yes, that is a bald eagle swimming across Southern Maine's largest lake. Not only is that a bald eagle swimming, but swimming with outstanding form. This bald eagle is like the Michael Phelps of eagles.

More like Michael I right, folks (I'm sorry)?

According to Fox LA, the video was taken by Michael Zurbuch while he was out on his kayak. The news station reported that Zurbuch spotted the eagle soaring down to the lake, where it then just started swimming. And yes, we all see the amazing butterfly stroke that eagle is throwing out there (like I said, Michael Fowl).

Zurbuch also told Fox LA that the eagle eventually made it to shore, and then started hanging out on the rock and eyeing the kayaker. I don't know about you all, but if a giant bird of prey that can throw out a wingspan of eight feet and has Ginzu knives for talons started staring me down, I might just start crying.

As unique as this video footage is, it's not all that rare for eagles to swim. According to Animal Quarters, eagles who are seen swimming typically have just caught a fish or perhaps dropped or missed one. They tend not to stay in the water for too long, due to how heavy their down is. The website even says that drownings can occur due to the high amount of energy it can take out of the bird.

While it may happen more regularly than we think, it still doesn't take away from the incredible video Zurbuch shared. To be able to catch a swimming eagle that close up is pretty darn cool.

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