I read about this gentleman trying to entertain his recently flooded neighbors by kayaking down the street in a very lifelike T-Rex costume. But, the other creature that makes an appearance in this video REALLY had me howling.

At :18, in swims Brady the dog!

Is there anything cuter than a labrador retriever enjoying his natural element of the open water? Perhaps, the slightly confused look that he gives the camera after seeing the 'T-Rex' at :41.


Even though Midland, Michigan is over one hundred miles to the north of Ann Arbor, I'd be willing to bet that 'Brady' was named after former Michigan Wolverine and our beloved Pats Quarterback TB12 and that just makes this video that much sweeter.

Shark Tank salute to Travis Spry of Midland (the T-Rex)for trying to spread some good cheer during this trying situation for the Midland community. The relief efforts are still ongoing and we wish them all the very best.

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