Whoever thought this would be a viable, workable option for intelligent, respected young women needs to have a complete neurological workup, right now!

The pieces of paper advertising for the "sugar daddies" were pinned to a bulletin board outside the Town and Campus store.

The owner ripped them down right away, but the "sugar daddy" ad is popping up elsewhere, so police are asking people who see the fliers to take them down.

Here are 5 Reasons This is a BAD idea!

1.)  What kind of message are we sending to these young adults, both men and women on campus? Find a man who's got money and you don't have to work hard to make it?

2.)  It degrades women of all ages.  To think that you can't make your way in the world unless you find an older, wealthy man to show you the ropes.  Whatever happened to working, budgeting, struggling with life?

3.)  It's really creepy.  Just read a few lines from the flyer above to get the drift.  "Older men will respect and appreciate you so much more than college boys."  Makes me want to puke.

4.)  If I found out that MY daughter, who is brilliant and intelligent and beautiful, had fallen for this scam I would wonder where I went wrong.

5.)  It robs you of your self esteem and self worth.  What are you in school for?  To learn of the struggles of others and how they overcame obstacles.  This "sugar daddy" will rob you of life long memories and friendships.

Run, far away from this. Quickly.