Many thought the 2019 edition would be the final for South Berwick, but the rumor turned out to be false.

It's strawberry season throughout Northern New England. Last Saturday, a huge crowd took in the 44th annual Strawberry Festival. According to, nearly 20,000 walked through between the hours of 9 and 4. The festival has grown over the years, and committee members point to social media for getting the word out in recent years. Plus, now over four decades into existence, it's become a generation thing. Committee member Gail Santos told Fosters Daily Democrat “It’s a big deal to bring your grandchildren here.” “They came as children and share the day with their families. So many people have been coming for years.”

Saturday's gigantic crowd was also the opportunity to put a rumor about the festival's demise to rest. Committee member Katie O’Connell told Fosters. “We are not sure how the rumor got started, but we have no plans to end this festival and we want to be sure to let people know that.”



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