Smell is arguably the most powerful sense of all five senses. A certain smell can transport you back to a certain place and time. For example, every time I take a whiff of anything "Cucumber Melon"-scented, I am immediately 14 years old at Bath & Bodyworks, drenching my shirt in body spray in case I ran into my crush at the Searstown Mall. And don't forget the roll-on body glitter. If you know, you know.

Many of us lost our sense of smell as a symptom of Covid, and it was a very strange sensation. I'll never forget taking a sip of my morning coffee and not smelling (or tasting) a thing. The sniffer does important work, and you really miss it when it is not functioning properly.

Everyone associates where they are from with a certain smell or array of smells. We decided to poll our Facebook audience and ask what their town's official aroma would be. The answers were all over the map. Some were accurate, some were hilarious, and some were downright offensive.

These answers were crowdsourced, so they do not reflect my personal opinions. If any of these answers ruffle your feathers, I kindly ask that you take it up with the commenters on the WOKQ Facebook page and not shoot the messenger.

Was your town left out of the fun? Let us know what the official aroma of your town would be in the comments!

If New Hampshire Towns Had Official Aromas

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and can transport you to a certain place or time, We asked our Facebook followers what the official aroma of their town would be and the answers were awesome. Here are some of our favorites.

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