I've heard that getting a refund is not a smart way to manage funds. The government holds your money all year without paying you a penny in interest. My answer to this is "Mind your own business!!!" "I LOVE MY TAX REFUND!!!"

It's like a game show where I always win money. Every year I use a free online service, put in the appropriate sums in the appropriate boxes and in 8-10 business days and nice windfall appears in my checking account. I live here in The Granite State so no State Income Tax to worry about either(Thanks NH!) Why does tax season get such a bad rap? Don't tell me... I'll remain blissfully ignorant.

Getty Images/Chung Sung-Jun

"May I have half of this on Red and the other half on Double Zero?"

Ok, maybe I've made a few bets in Vegas like the one pictured above...maybe...but since I've been responsible for my own heating oil, there's a tank in my cellar that takes care of a lot of the green stuff. What do you try to do to put the FUN in reFUNd? New Car? Trips? Gold- plated dental work? There is no wrong answer and I'd love to read about it in the comments section.