New Hampshire native and America's first astronaut , Alan Shepard Jr., is an American Hero plain and simple.


Let's think about this for a moment. Derry, New Hampshire native Alan Shepard was only the second person to travel into space.

He was launched 116 miles into the atmosphere on May 5th, 1961 aboard Freedom 7.

Shepard later would command the Apollo 14 mission, and be the first person to hit golf balls on the moon.

This country, like most others, was founded by men and women who weren't afraid of what might lie around the corner. They took the turn and continued on.

It's one thing to turn that corner with your feet planted firmly on the ground and gravity working in your favor.

It's entirely another thing to be sitting in a tin can on thousand's of pounds of rocket fuel before being blasted into parts unknown.

Next Cinco de Mayo, hoist at least one to Alan Shepard, hero.




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