A-Train is in Vegas and I'm not so sure about Hugh from Eliot Small Engine's pick, but what do I know.  Seriously, what do I know about football?  I make my picks based on my favorite TV show or if someone I hate moves to a particular city, I won't choose their football team.  Hey, I gotta say, Train is only 1 game ahead of me in the U Pick 'EM Game and HE REALLY TRIES, so I've gotta be doing something right.  Jacob from SIS Bank made our pick.  I forget what he said.

Let's hope that Sunday's game will be better that the one we saw with Miami this past Sunday.  Something tells me that it's not gonna happen.  I think the Pats will win because I think Tom is embarrassed and Bill is PISSED, so I think they'll get it done, but in no way will it be an easy game.  It's gonna be difficult just like every other game this season.  Tom & Co know how to win, for sure, but geesh, can't they just make it easy on us?  C'MON, Tommy!!  LET'S GO!!

Anyway, you can hear our picks here.  Oh, and, hello to Hugh's Mom & Dad in South Carolina.  It could be North Carolina, I was barely listening.  :)  hahaha!  I'm kidding!  I know it's Baltimore!!

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