According to the coastal town, beach-goers took things too far last summer, causing 'a huge amount of issues.'


Major concerts aren't the only summer related plans coming together in January. While Northern New England still faces the snowiest month of the winter in February, thoughts have already turned to beach season. In one coastal community, summer will have a much different look after the Board of Selectmen amended a beach ordinance.

According to Foster Daily Democrat, the town of Wells, ME will prohibit large shading devices and overnight camping. Shading devices include all cabanas, canopies, pavilions, “sportsbrellas,” tarps, and tents. Complaints flooded into Town Manager Jon Carter's office last summer. He told Fosters large tents, cabanas and etc “take up so much real estate making it difficult for people to access the beach.”

portrait of a group of children running on the beach

The town is quick to point out the new ban will not include ALL tents. According to Fosters, beach-goers can put up small tents (7.5 feet tall and 8 feet in diameter) for infants and young children, but they must be stabilized and secured.

Oh, and think waking up on the beach is romantic? Cool. Camping and overnight sleeping will now be illegal on Wells beach between  April 1st and October 1st.

The new ban goes into effect April Fools Day.


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