One of the many perks of this gig is pouring through dozens of beautiful photos provided by Getty Images. There are 3 from The AFC Championship Game that you'll be staring at for quite some time.

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The Clincher

Patriots defensive back Stephon Gilmore defies both the law of gravity AND Jags receiver Dede Westbrook with one incredible leap. This dramatic deflection on 4th and 14  with under 2 minutes left would be the final time Jacksonville possessed the ball.

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The Matrix

I don't know what else I can call this go ahead grab by Danny 'Playoff' Amendola other than to add that the reflexes of the photographer 'Elsa' are equally as impressive.

What a catch! What a shot!

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The Impact

Not all the images from the game were sunshine and rainbows for Pats fans. The worst moment being this vicious helmet to helmet collision on Gronk that ended his day and put him in the league's concussion protocol.