In celebration of America on Tap-Eliot we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get craft beer in Portsmouth, as voted on by reviewers on Yelp. 

The list is based on ratings from Yelp reviewers of beer places in the Portsmouth area. The rankings come from a number of different factors including review text, ratings, and number of reviews, according to the site.

Did your favorite make the cut?

  • Thinkstock

    Earth Eagle Brewings

    165 High St Portsmouth, NH

    Random review: "The beers were so unique. They were totally unlike anything you get from a more traditional brewery. Despite this, they were tasty and would satisfy any classic beer lover."

  • Valentyn Volkov

    The Portsmouth Brewery

    56 Market St Portsmouth, NH

    Random review: "The beer is delicious and the food is good, but local-ness is why this place is worth your dough. Fish and chips from the gulf of Maine and a menu infused with all the varieties of beer made just 50ft from your table."

  • Miteemaus5

    Craft Beer Cellar

    767 Islington St Portsmouth, NH

    Random review: "Exquisite selection of the finest rich-man craft beers that only a true brew-lover could appreciate. The coolers are organized by style, and since I love IPA's, I went right for the IPA cooler. This organizational phenomenon may seem trivial, yet I haven't seen it in any other brew store."

  • Anna Gontarek-Janicka

    WHYM Craft Beer Cafe

    3548 Lafayette Rd Portsmouth, NH

    Random review: "Amazing beers and one of the best burgers I've had in a very long time! Great atmosphere as well and friendly, helpful staff."

  • Ryan-McVay

    Redhook Ale Brewery

    35 Corporate Dr Portsmouth, NH

    Random review: "I'm a big fan of Redhook- delicious beer and a fun place to get a drink in Portsmouth. I love to try the brewery-only beers. My favorite recent was RightHook Red, a hoppy red ale. "

  • Aksakalko

    Thirsty Moose Taphouse

    21 Congress St Portsmouth, NH

    Random review: "How many beers can one place have in tap.  This place takes the cake with over 100. I bet me and my crew tried at least 25 of them an a few several times. Food was good and service was great. Price was surprisingly low for the selection."