Okay, they got us. Well…not really. But people were at least interested.

In December, beloved department store Ames allegedly announced that it was making a comeback. However, correspondence with the spokesperson for this reboot left far more questions than answers.

Then, just as this supposed story was going away...we got an update, providing details and even some information on a website launch.

Then, as we waited for the punchline...the website launched! But was quickly (and strangely) taken down almost immediately.

Regardless, it seemed April 1 would be a good day to announce this was all a hilarious joke (can you imagine if the pranksters were the guys from Bradlees?).

But April Fools Day came and went, and Ames kept on trucking in the no-rules slap-fest that is Twitter. And prank or not, things have now gotten officially weird, and very entertaining.

Whoever is behind Ames’ official Twitter account has been incredibly diligent in keeping this seemingly pointless rouse going, to the point where I almost respect them.

Just as I thought we had reached Peak Weird…this happened.

That’s right: there is now an Evil Ames Twitter account. If you tweet at it, you’ll get a social media smackdown – allegedly, courtesy of Ames (again, nobody from the actual Ames has come forward to deny this!).

My favorite was this, to someone who tweeted:

This isn't happening. I'm surprised anyone at all is falling for it. There is no Ames comeback. This is such a weak attempt I'm shocked anyone believes it.

Evil Ames replied:

I cannot believe someone would actually name their child Rick.

That’s just awesome.

Upon further inspection, it becomes quite clear that someone has evidently created a bunch of fake Twitter accounts, and is publicly arguing with themselves about Ames.

This is truly fascinating when you consider how busy he probably was with his recent induction to the WWE Hall of Fame.

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