This past Saturday night, my family and I went to The Bull Run in Shirley, Mass.  We had planned this as a night out forever because we love Jeff Pitchell. 

We had a great table in the back, where there was room to dance and Jeff brought out Claudette King, daughter of the late, great B.B. King himself.  About 2 songs in, she said, "Hey, I'm looking for about 4 people to come up on stage with me."  So, me, being the ever so shy one, ran up on stage.  My niece, Abby, followed me, so I was so happy to be the "backup dancers" for such an icon.  Little did I know, she asked if anyone could sing   I said, "YES!  I can sing!"   After Ms. King did a blues riff, she handed me the mic and I let it all out.  I figured that I would only have one chance of this my entire life, so I might as well let it go.  I have to tell you, it was SO FUN!  The crowd thought I was a plant!  But, in the words of my dear brother, "She's not a plant, she's a shrub!"  hahahaha!  Ms. King even said, "YOU GOT CHOPS!"  WHAT?!!!  Unreal.

Top 3 days of my life:

  • The birth of my son
  • My wedding day
  • Saturday night at Bull Run

You can see the whole video on my husband's facebook page, if you're curious.  I'll never forget it.  #grateful

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