I've written quite a bit here about my feeling regarding winter weather from factors to predict your own forecast to shoveling hacks.; this week, there was another storm and another 4 inches or so of snow shovel-ready snow.

Funny, from the window clearing a drive way always seems like a far more manageable task than it actually ends up being and this week was no different.

Inevitably, I will leave myself too little time to get the job done needed to be at the office and that stress of time crunch only adds to the misery of shoveling a drive by hand. I notice in my new Dover neighborhood LITERALLY everyone else but our drive had been cleared by 9am or so AND down to pavement.

Now, to be fair, it was clear by the nice lines that the majority had used a snow blower and not the back breaker 1943 Red Rider shovel we found left behind in our garage.

With a good amount of rather heavy snow and the speed/quality of the work, it was clear all our neighbors not only had blowers but Boeing 787 blowers! Knowing we were the newbies on the block, we had reserved some hope for a kind gesture or an ambitious teen wanting to make a fast $20, but alas none.

I told my fiancee we should've greeted the neighbors door to door with bunt cake. Drats!

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