Every Thursday morning I wait at the edge of my seat for the latest updates from The United States Drought Map and ... FINALLY! Today we see some relief from this historic drought in The Granite State.

This may not look like much but the troubling trend of desert like conditions has made quite a turn around due to last weekend's downpours.

Over 2% of the state has been downgraded to 'Moderate Drought' from the very alarming 'Severe Drought'. Congratulations are in order for the towns of Effingham, Sanbornville and Wakefield for escaping this Sahara like curse that has plagued us for months.

However, only 2 hundreths of a percent of the state were released from 'Extreme Drought' status. Hopefully, the heavy rains in today's forecast will appear and this maddening drought of 2016 will subside all the more.