I wouldn't a very good 'Shark Chief Apple Correspondent' if I didn't pass along this brand new UMASS study on the best household hack for cleaning pesticides off your apples.

NH Apple picking season is entering it's 'Grand Finale' phase with so many delicious late varieties available.

A simple 'slurry' of baking soda and water (washed for 15 minutes!?)was the best way to remove all pesticides from the apple skin.

HOWEVER, scientists have determined that about 20% of the chemicals have leeched through the skin into the flesh of the apple.

This is awfully troubling news since I approximately consume between 6 and 7 tons of apples each season.

On the bright side, I never have to worry about being infested by any flies, moths or maggots and my tolerance for collar rot should be at super hero like levels!

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