I've never presented a 'Thumbs Up' sequel in the entire history of this restaurant spotlight series, but their buffalo chicken dish I had today truly earned an encore.

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Train Images

The Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

Behold it in all it's glory. If my happiness was represented as a one circle Venn diagram, that circle would no doubt resemble a pizza. And on one huge slice of that pizza would be the words Buffalo Chicken.

Life, in it's barest element for yours truly, is the endless pursuit of the perfect Buffalo Chicken delivery system. Today, I think I've found it.

At other restaurants, I love to order Buffalo Chicken tenders but always feel like I'm missing out on a little something. Whenever I get a Buffalo Chicken calzone at pizza places, most of the time I feel as if there is just too much dough.

This is an ideal amount of both chicken and bread and blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing and tangy heat and what I suspect is a blend of both cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

SUBLIME NIRVANA and a couple other 90's band thrown in.

I also think my photo is misleading because I ate as much as humanly possible, yet there were still two pieces left.

Train Images
Train Images

I was way too stuffed for dessert (I swear this wasn't mine) but I just had to add this photo of their Mini Chocolate Lava Cake that one of my co-workers had.


Also, another co-worker tried their 'Adult Chocolate Milk' and it received A+ grades from everyone who safely sampled it.

What a great lunch!

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