Marley turns a year old today. And although I just adopted him in October, it feels like he's been my dog forever. There hasn't been a single day I've regretted making him a part of my family.

Since it's his birthday, I feel like we need to mark the occasion with a celebration. So I started looking for special treats and ended up running across an article about the 15 Chain Restaurants and Drive-thru's with secret dog menus.

Here are the ones you'll find in New Hampshire and Maine. I'm so excited to take Marley and try them out!

Starbucks: Treat your pup to a puppaccino! My friends with dogs swear by this treat. And while it may sound's really just a cup of whipped cream. Sure you could do this at home, but doesn't your special friend deserve a treat from Starbucks?

Tim Hortons: If you love Timbits, I'm certain your dog will too. And they're sugar-free.

Dairy Queen: Take your little Queen or King to DQ and they'll be served a small vanilla soft-serve ice cream cup.

Dunkin Donuts: Not every DD has special dog treats, but some do. So it's worth asking. But according to, some locations even have puppy lattes. Again, it's just a cup of whipped cream, but tasty on a dog's birthday.

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