This Grinch will not strike again this Christmas, as he is being held without bail until after the holiday.

In what could be considered a New England Christmas miracle, police in Leicester, Massachusetts, have nabbed the mean Mr. Grinch.

In a video posted to their Facebook page, the police department documented the investigation. Detective T. Fontaine lead the case, stating they had eight days to capture the thief.

The video is filmed as if it were an episode of COPS, with dispatch stating a Grinch sighting had occurred, and multiple units were on the case, including a helicopter.

The Grinch was found up against a picture window, peering in on what was likely a family's Christmas display. Instead of fleeing the scene, the 'mean one' put his green hands behind his back and was handcuffed.

The Grinch was then placed in the back of a patrol car without further incident.

Leicester's handy police work certainly rivals that of Stow's, who recently lit up their cruisers to the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

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