A Nashua man has Anheuser-Busch to thank for helping him propose to his longtime girlfriend. While this story is fairly common, his is a little different.

Over the next few weeks, timelines and feeds all over the world will be filled with new couple announcements, and engagements. Getting ahead of the curve, three Anheuser-Busch brewery locations, including Merrimack, New Hampshire took part in helping a record number of couples break a world record for under the mistletoe December 11.

The Merrimack event included an extra special moment, too.

Among the 150 attendees were Patrick Flaven and Luciana Echavarria.

According to Portsmouth Patch, Patrick had always wanted to get married around Christmas and was looking for a place, with lights, to propose. Well, once it got to the right time of year, he found a place with lights, and decided to make the event extra memorable.

Patrick coordinated with people at Anheuser-Busch. They came up with a plan in where the two would be invited up to the stage because they won a free gift. Flaven would then pop the question.

She said yes.

Flaven was asked if he was nervous about her rejecting the proposal.

According to Portsmouth Patch, he said "It was a slight thought, (but) we've been together six or seven years now and have been talking about it."

Patrick's FB page lists they've been "in a relationship" since March 16, 2016.

See that video here: 

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