The NFL offseason trade rumor mill has been churning overtime lately on the subject of  The New England Patriots possibly trading for Julio Jones. This move could very well make the Patriots offense nearly unstoppable.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons
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As I read through the story above that was compiled by the Boston CBS Sports Staff, my jaw slowly descended to the floor.

Aside from Jones' rumored preference to play alongside QB Cam Newton, the fact that this potential trade from Atlanta would be a non-conference maneuver doesn't hurt either.

Sure, there is a Thursday Night Football match up this year in Atlanta on November 18th between the Pats and the Falcons, but after that? It would be smooth sailing for years!

Can you tell I'm trying to bend and break all sorts of logic and common sense to make this happen?

It's just that the offensive free agent acquisitions that New England made this off-season were so exciting! Doubling up with two elite tight ends Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, not to mention wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

Dealing for Julio Jones would make the rest of the entire league tremble in fear at what will be coming their way when they face New England.

Jones just signed a three year extension with Atlanta, so, I'm thinking that this could mean The Patriots would be less likely to make this deal, not to mention that Jones is 32 years of age.

I would LOVE for them to pick him up though!

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