The Olive Garden PASTA PASS is going on sale this Thursday and people are losing their minds!  Okay... I'm one of those people!  If you do the math, you could eat for like.... .02 cents per meal if you live to be a certain age, but I'm not gonna do the math.  There's just something awesome about getting "free" food.  (not including the gratuity)

According to Olive, they are selling lifetime Pasta passes!! What?!  #truestory.  Check this out:

This year when you purchase a Never Ending Pasta Pass, you can opt-in for the opportunity to upgrade to our NEW Lifetime Pasta Pass. The first 50 Passholders who opted-in for the Lifetime Pasta Pass will be notified via email on 8/16 of their upgrade eligibility.

According to Market and the Olive Garden website, there will be 24,000 Never Ending Pasta passes available for $100.00, plus tax for 9 weeks of meals from their never ending pasta menu.  Then, for an additional $400 plus tax, the first 50 Pasta Pass holders can opt to upgrade to the lifetime pass. Those 50 diners have 48 hours from the time they receive the email to take the deal.

The Pasta Pass sale starts on Thursday at 2pm.  Just click here for yours... GOOD LUCK!!

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