How do I love thee NH letter carriers? Let me count the ways. I love getting mail, I think pith helmets are super cool AND I'm so appreciative of the many Post Offices that CRANK The Shark here on the Seacoast. What can I do for them?

Be Respectful Of Their Distance

After watching this WMUR-TV report, it seems that leaving them little gifts of hand sanitizer and hand written notes is much appreciated, but one thing is even MORE appreciated. Just respect their space (6-8 feet).

It makes perfect sense that this can be a problem. Letter carriers are, by and large, very friendly.

When you see them approaching in these times of mass isolation, the temptation can be strong to meet them at the door and chat awhile about the weather, the plague and how they're faring the apocalypse.

Multiply that encounter with the number of people on their route and the danger increases exponentially.

Please be courteous and give them their space.

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