And he's worth every penny!!

According to the MLB,  MVP Mookie Betts and the Boston Red Sox agreed to a 20 million dollar deal for 2019, avoiding arbitration.

I admit, when I read this story, two things happened:  1)  I was wicked happy that Markus Lynn Betts, a/k/a, MOOOOOK is going to be with the Sox for 2019.  By far, my favorite player since Papi.  and 2)  What's it mean in baseball to "avoid arbitration."

Because it may have crossed your mind too, here's the definition of salary arbitration according to the MLB:

Players who have three or more years of Major League service but less than six years of Major League service become eligible for salary arbitration if they do not already have a contract for the next season.

In other words, if you're wicked good, like Mook, and you don't have a contract for the next season, you can ask for a ba-zillion dollars, a/k/a 20 Mil.

We love you, Mookie!  Hope you make Boston your forever Baseball home!!!


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