It's hard to believe that throughout their wild and crazy history, what happened last night hasn't happened in 120 years. Our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron elaborates on this exclusive Shark Morning Show interview.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
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Starting All Star SS and 3rd Baseman

I'm just so happy that he (Raffy Devers) and Bogaerts both get to start in the All-Star Game.


I think having two of them on the left side of the infield, looks pretty good, first time in Red Sox history.


And it's a good team! And they'll be more guys going (from The Red Sox) once they round out that team.


- Tom Caron On The (Soon To Be Historic) All Star Infield

With the talent that the Red Sox have had at those positions over the years, this just doesn't seem possible.

Cronin, Pesky, Malzone, Garciaparra, Valentin, Boggs, to just name a few, and never before has the left side of the infield been comprised of Red Sox at the MidSummer Classic.

With the way Devers is batting right now, it'll be a shame that he'll have to take a couple days off to head to Colorado.

He has smashed 20 home runs at this point in the season and leads the entire major league in runs batted in with 69.

The reason I said 'Look out Hack Wilson!' was because the all-time record for RBI's in one season is a staggering 191. Wilson played for the Cubs back in 1930 when he achieved this unbelievable feat.

I don't think Raffy has a chance of beating that record, but, it's fun to think about.

Another cool thing to think about is if Bogaerts and Devers will bat back to back in the All Star lineup, as they do for Boston most nights.

It all remains to be seen.

In the meanwhile, we get to enjoy watching them in meaningful games for the next 10 days.

What a great season it's been so far.

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