Another weekend, another fun day at Oxford Casino! This Lancelot video slot is one of my favorites and not only because I CAN'T LOSE!

Train Images
Train Images

After a couple of beers, it's difficult for me to grab my phone and film the exciting FREE SPINS BONUS in time but I always make sure I snap a pic of the end result.

A $33 dollar haul for just an 80 cent play is OVER a 40-1 payout.

Here's what the game looks like thanks to YouTuber 'Random $$ Slots'

If multiple 'Lancelot' and/or 'Guinevere' symbols line up in the first two rows, you earn BONUS SPINS. If it happens again during the feature, this is called a 'Retrigger'. I was lucky enough to hit TWO 'Retriggers' on Saturday.

Good luck!


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