Sure enough, just hours after the conclusion of the NFL's 2017 regular season, the mysterious oracle inside The Merchants Auto Shark Tank has once again proclaimed who The New England Patriots will face in the divisional round!

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The Kansas City Chiefs

According to this creepily accurate football forecaster, the home teams of the AFC will hold serve during Wild Card Weekend and The Patriots will have to play one of the three teams that beat them this year!

We do know that the game IS scheduled for an 8:15pm kickoff on Saturday, January 13th so The SPPGB did manage to predict the date and time correctly.

If it only provided us with the final score, we'd all be millionaires!

Only eleven days remain until Pats Preview with Marc Bertrand and Chris Gasper will begin the broadcast at 5pm.

Wow. That's a looooooooooooong wait.

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