I'm just going to put it out there right now. I can't lose. Three weeks in, three stars gone. All of them leaving EXACTLY when I said they would. Frankly, I'm a bit frightened.

Last week, it pained me to select Mr.T. Alas, my Nostradamus like predictive abilities rang true again and he was sent packing.

With every correct pick, I'm beginning to feel the burden of this power, a dread of inevitability with every selection.

But I realize that if you're reading this, you want to know who's next and I must provide you with that information DESPITE my sickening feelings of omnipotence.

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Getty Images

Eliminated Next Week Prediction: Normani Kordei

With a 'middle of the pack' score, this member of 'Fifth Harmony' will be the fourth elimination of Season 24.

I can't provide you with any list of reasons, I'm just making this pick entirely on intuition. At this point I'm almost hoping I'm wrong so I can once again enjoy the mystery of this iconic reality show.

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