I predicted that Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles would win The Mirrorball Trophy at the very beginning of Season 24. Last night, I was proven wrong, for the first time in YEARS.

3rd Place Finish Prediction: Former MLB Catcher David Ross

With two World Series championships over the past 4 years, David Ross is having the most improbable post-season run of his impressive career defeating Simone Biles last night and advancing to next week's final.

Nothing against David, (and I've said this before so who knows?) but this is as far as any 'fan favorite' has ever gone and I fully expect him to come in third next week.

2nd Place Finish Prediction: NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings

This is one of the most difficult Top 2 to choose in a long time. The only thing that I can think of that will keep Rashad from the championship is that the average DWTS voter will be swayed to vote for a non-sports star.

David Ross' semi-final victory may have sealed the fate of Mr. Jennings, as having two 'jocks' in the final three will influence the public just enough to keep him from winning it all.

Season 24 Mirrorball Champion Prediction: Fifth Harmony Singer Normani Kordei

I am ashamed to admit that at one point I had her picked for an 8th place finish in what has been a very tumultuous Season of wild predictions.

Since then, she has proven to both me AND the world that she belongs here and hopefully she will hoist The Mirrorball next week!

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