About a month or so ago, A-Train and I went to a company get together with Joe Limardi, afternoon host here at The Shark.  As we were sitting there, Aaron (A-Train) very innocently says, "Sarah, I loved your chicken parm you brought in this morning!  Those chicken patties were so delicious!"  Joe Limardi's head nearly popped off when he heard the term, "chicken patty."  He was further incensed after I told him that I put lasagne noodles in my dish as well.  If we're being honest, I also use jar sauce and sliced pepperjack cheese.  The Italian in him had to challenge me to a chicken parm-off and Aaron came up with the name, PARMEGEDDON!!


I did have supporters who said they liked my version of chicken parm, but the ultimate winner was.... JOE LIMARDI.  He used real chicken breast and a tomato sauce recipe that his Mamma Mary used to make, so from the get go, I think I wasn't even a threat.

The US Army came in too as a guest judge.  It's the Army's birthday today, so we had LTC Ronald Anzalone (full blood Italian) come in and he said there was no contest.  Joe's parm, all the way!

Aaron asked LTC Anzalone about push-ups and I have to say, he was amazing at them!  Really good form!


The next challenge?  Mac & Cheese.  This one, I've got in the BAG.  Ask anyone who has had it.  It's on, Limardi, it's ON!



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