If you are single and looking for love, it seems that Maine is not always the most accessible place to find it. I stumbled upon a Reddit post by u/MaMaMaMainer707 titled "Dating in Maine," the post read "ugh. Title says enough. If your single share your stories of trying to date in Maine."

With over 300 comments, Redditors shared their love stories (or lack of) and the hard time they are having trying to find someone to date in Maine. Sure, there certainly are ways that you can find someone to date, but that doesn't always mean you actually want to date that person.

Whether you choose to date a co-worker, find someone through an app, or go the old-school route of trying to meet someone at a bar, finding the right person is never easy.

One issue with trying to date someone in Maine is that most towns and cities are pretty small. U/MaineObjective posted "It can be tough even in Portland. The dating pool isn’t that big, especially when you account for the basics… age, health, appearance, lifestyle, shared values, drive and career ambition, etc. The pool starts getting really small. And don’t even get me started on the number of times I’ve seen an ex or someone I dated a couple of times out and about on a date while I’m doing the same. It’s REAL small."

It's not only rough in Portland though, U/BlaineThePainInMaine states that "It's even worse when you're hours away from Portland! Setting a radius on dating apps shows me all these dudes I already know. And know well enough to know that their entire profiles are lies...the married dudes claiming their single. The deadbeat dads who say their kids are their whole world, or even worse, pretend that they don't even have kids. The alcoholics who say they don't drink or only socially. The chain-smokers who write that they are smoke-free. Datin' is friggin' rough out here in the boonies!"

Other users claim that going on dating apps is a numbers game and many users agreed that it is not easy to make friends as adults, let alone find someone to date.

Granted some users on the Reddit post do mention that they have found someone in the state and have fallen in love, doesn't mean that it is easy for everyone.

Even though it may be hard to find the right person in Maine, if you are single and looking to mingle, you can check out their Reddit chain as some users seemed to put their information on it, probably hoping that they will be able to find their match.

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