With two more touchdowns and 80 plus yards in yesterday's victory over Miami, let's take a look at how close he is to making serious bank for a great 2017.

3 Touchdowns Away

Gronk needs just three more scores to hit 10 on the year and qualify for the third 'tier' of his incentive laden contract. Let's break that down into spikes.

3 Spikes = $ 6.75 Million -  this equals 2.25 million dollars per spike!

298 Yards Remain

With 5 games left, Gronk needs less than 300 yards to achieve the second 'tier' and haul in an impressive amount of cash.

298 yards = $ 8.75 Million

All Pro Gronk!

If he keeps at his current pace of production, the press corps will no doubt give him serious consideration as an All-Pro Tight End. If this happens, his highest 'tier' will be achieved and he will no doubt party like a Gronk star when the season is over!

All Pro Vote = $10.75 Million

For each of these categories, I took the incentive that I believe is the easiest for Gronk to achieve through both extrapolation and speculation.

To check out all his incentives, take a look at this article by Mike Reiss at ESPN.com.

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