I've always been an animal lover (dogs/cats/guinea pigs/even fish growing up), but early last year a story touched me and has moved me to use the privilege of being a broadcaster (and blogger) to share the importance of helping our furry friends who cannot help themselves.

Every day of the year there are hundreds of defenseless animals who, one way or another, are left wandering the streets looking for food, shelter and trying to survive.

I'll share the story of one amazing feline who has forever touched my heart: Malcom.

I was doing our radio show out in Michigan last March when I found his story online; a shelter in New York City found him, than about 4 months old, he was malnourished and dehydrated to the point he was truly on death's door.

This wasn't solely a product of his being homeless and wandering the streets of the city. When he was rescued by a nonprofit shelter and brought in to a vet, they found he had barely been able to eat or drink because his jaw was broken and had partially healed but incorrectly such that he was in tremendous pain.

Worse, it was clear he'd been assaulted by a human who had broken his jaw and presumably left him for dead on the street.

Malcom underwent an hours-long, complicated surgery to repair his jaw and began building up strength eating and drinking (he had a feeding tube for awhile there).

Miraculously, not he only did he recover but he did so in record time and now is truly living his best life with thousands of social media followers and a loving home in Ohio.

We interviewed his vet shortly after his recovery and later met up with him, on his leash, as he bounced around like a puppy dog at Cedar Point Amusement park there in OH late last summer.

His strength, courage and positive spirit moved me as a lesson to us all two and four legged. Also it reminds me of the importance of supporting our local shelters and organizations.

Last weekend's NH SPCA walk at Stratham Park and this weekend's Hops and Hounds are just two awesome opportunities of many to adopt a four-legged friend and family member that needs your love and home and the difference you can make in their life, cheers!

And seriously, how cute is Malcom?

Have you adopted? Are you thinking of adopting?

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