Everyone has a MUST HAVE pie for Thanksgiving.  We took a Facebook survey for what type our listeners in NH have to have and one has come out on top:

PUMPKIN PIE, of course, is the must have pie on Thanksgiving.

Here are a few other suggestions for your table tomorrow from Facebook:

Sue Jagielski Apple, Cherry, Chocolate creme 😂
Teri Whitten Chocolate creme and blueberry
Lynn VanCoonis Home made -  chocolate cream pie.
Cindy Alling Lund Pecan, apple
Patty Sullivan Custard and chocolate cream!!!
Marilyn Johnson pecan, but I'll probably make vanilla creme pie. Tastes just like a creamsicle.
Tera Libby Cheesecake
Donna Pearl Hunkins Coconut Creme it's gone in five minutes 😩
Elise Martin Key lime
John Bartoszak Sr. Rum Raisin apple pie
Janet Rousseau Chocolate cream
James Simpson Apple pie and pork pies
Paul Spinucci Apple the way Mom use to make it
By the way, don't worry if you haven't made the pies yourself.  There are plenty of places that have them for sale.  For me, saves time and they are usually better than what I could have made  I got mine, peach pie, blueberry cobbler and pumpkin, at Tendercrop Farms here in Dover.  YUM!!

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