There are currently 1,670 cases of COVID-19 in NH, according to NH.Gov, that's 84 more cases from yesterday.

According to Maine.Gov, 937 cases, 30 more from yesterday.

in Massachusetts, the numbers keep rising, as of this morning, April 24, 2020, they are up to 46,023 cases, that's up 3,079 from yesterday.

Yesterday, NH's State Epidemiologist, Dr. Benjamin Chan answered questions in a report from WMUR.  According to the report, Dr. Chan said the tests that we are all asking about for COVID-19 are being developed by the CDC, but they are not yet available.

When they are available and we can, for sure, know if someone is positive or negative for COVID-19, we can feel a bit more in control of what is happening.  Until then, we have to wait, which is the hardest part.  The CDC and all those involved with the tests need to make sure they don't roll out the testing too soon because they don't want to get it wrong.  Imagine if you got tested and it was a false negative!  That would only make things worse.

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