One of the things that drive me crazy is when I hear a child say "I'm bored", complete with a whiny vocal tone. Not being a parent, thankfully I don't have to hear it that often. If you're hearing it today while the little ones are snow bound, I offer up some suggestions.

This article has 20 things to do on a snow day, from having each member of the family pick out a board game to play, baking cookies, making a pillow mountain in the middle of a room and bouncing off it (my personal favorite).

You can also take advantage of some of the newer technology and Skype with a friend or relative who's far away, and of course, choose from a variety of video games.

Hey, here's an oldie but about reading a book.

Anyway, check out the list if you're brain is fried from the kiddies whining and crying. You can thank me later.


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