Sarah & A-Train talked to Governor Sununu this morning and he had a "mandate" for the children of New Hampshire.  He wants them to get away from the screen for a while and go outside and PLAY!  Of course, he said that NH kids have to do all their work, of course, but he wants them to get outside and maybe build a snowman or an igloo or something!  Just get away from the computer for a little while.

The Governor did remember those old cubes that we used back in the day to build igloos, but he never had one of his own because all the siblings older than him used 'em up and broke them.  He said his father, John, was too cheap to buy him one of his own.

We also talked about the vaccine and when "regular people" with no risk categories can get the vaccine and he said in the Spring we should be looking to get the vaccine.

I also asked him what he thought about a curfew for the people of NH like Governor Charlie Baker is trying to implement.  Governor Sununu said, "No."

You can fast forward for the Governor to 19:25, or listen to the whole show here on Sarah & A-Train's Broadcast Podcast.

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