Sap House Meadery via Facebook
Sap House Meadery via Facebook

I don't want to say I don't believe in spirits or communicating with the undead. Just because I haven't had a paranormal experience doesn't mean they don't exist. I know plenty of people who have and who am I to say they are full of malarky!?

I just hope if I ever encounter a spirit they are of the nice variety like Casper the Friendly Ghost. He was adorable!

The video below left me shooketh to my core.

According to WMUR this archived footage got the attention of ghost hunters back in 2014. It appears the glass completely jumps off the table all by itself.

Could a draft have blown through the store and caused the glass to break? Or was it a ghost of sorts trying to cause mischief at the Ellacoya Country Store?

I've never been in there but judging by the photos, it looks like the kind of place a sassy spirit would like to hang out.

What do you think? Was this video worthy of attention from ghost hunters? Or is it just an old building doing old building thangs?

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