As the winter blues set in for many, planning our the places they'll travel to in any given year can brighten the mood. Maine is no stranger to tourism with many of the state's coastal towns thriving and maintaining off of tourism dollars year after year. With so many wonderful towns and cities to visit throughout New England, it can be tough to narrow down your choices. According to TravelAwaits, they've already done that for, naming the two places in Maine that are the best to visit in 2023.



The beach along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit.

For many, a weekend trip to Ogunquit is literally a breath of fresh air. The town is vibrant in the summer, filled with unique shops and bustling restaurants. Ogunquit also offers decent nightlife options compared to other towns nearby. What Ogunquit really does well is offer a variety of shops and restaurants that don't take away from one another.

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For those seeking accommodations, Ogunquit is home to some incredibly luxurious resorts but will also mix in a quaint bed and breakfast too. Another bonus is the amazing views throughout the town along with some incredible beachfront where you could park yourself in a chair all day long.


As TravelAwaits states in their review of Ogunquit, "the town never disappoints".



Lobster boats tied up to a pier, Portland, Maine.

Portland remains the top destination in Maine to visit any time of the year, offering tourists plenty of shopping, recreation and world class dining whether it's winter or summer. In recent years, Portland has built up with new hotels offering a more posh experience for those visiting.

Monument Square in Portland, Maine
Townsquare Media

As TravelAwaits points out, perhaps the most underrated portion of Portland is its vibrant arts scene. Portland is home to several concert venues that play to many different musical tastes. The city also boasts museums that range from pure art to the peculiar and strange. Not only that, a simple stroll through the Old Port can result in seeing an artist practice their craft in a public park.

A plate of fries, melted butter, and a Lobster Roll sandwich.

In the summer, Portland also boasts a very lively waterfront filled with restaurants, outdoor live music and customized tours throughout the city.


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