Bar towns are the best towns.

You know what I am talking about when I say a "bar town," right?

I mean the towns and cities where there are tons of restaurants and bars within walking distance. A place you can go away for a weekend with friends and bar-hop for two or three days.

Good bar towns do not always have the nicest facilities. In fact, when I think of a good bar town, I think of variety. I think of a town with some nicer restaurants, some dive bars, some karaoke or game bars, and more.

A good bar town must have a few things:

1. A lot of bars. How many bars are available to me? How many are within walking distance is really the key.

2. A good location. How is the surrounding area? Is the town itself pretty to be around?

3. Good drinks. How are the drinks? If expensive, are they good? If not the best, are they at least cheap or have happy hour deals?

Not always, but often, college towns make great bar towns. Take, for example, Burlington, Vermont.

I was just in Burlington to ski and have a friend's weekend, where we bar-hopped and ate out nearly every meal. It was incredible. Now, what makes Burlington such a great bar town and a good example?

Let me explain simply:

1. TONS of bars available. They have dive bars, fancier restaurants, breweries, cideries, clubs, tasting rooms, video game bars, and more.

2. The location is perfect. Church St. is in the center of downtown Burlington, Vermont. It is a walking-only street with shops, restaurants, and unlimited bars along the entire thing. On one end of the street is Lake Champlain, a massive and beautiful lake separating Vermont and New York.

3. Good drinks: amazing breweries, unique and upscale places, and many cheap/college hot spots. Burlington is the heart of the University of Vermont (UVM). So it is a happening college town, with tons around it.

Not all college towns are good bar towns, but some are.

See below for the best bar towns in New England. If you are planning your next weekend getaway with beers and beverages in mind, try one of these towns out.

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