Summer is finally here, which means that the sun is shining (bright, may I add). It is getting hotter outside and if you enjoy spending your free time outdoors, then you are surely feeling the heat.

There is so much to do outside, walk in a park, go to the beach, hit up an amusement park, and so much more. If you ask me what is the best way to cool down, I really only have one answer... ice cream.

The Top New Hampshire Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream is a delicious way to cool down in the summer (and really any time of the year). Some of New Hampshire's ice cream shops were recently featured in Yankee Magazine.

Yankee Magazine put together a list of the best 36 ice cream shops in New England. Out of the 36, five of the best ice cream shops are located in New Hampshire.

The five include Annabelle’s Ice CreamKimball FarmLago’sSanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream, and Walpole Creamery. All of these ice cream shops offer a variety of flavors that are a tasty treat to cool you down on hot summer days.

Other Ways to Cool Down This Summer in New Hampshire

Of course, there are many other ways to keep cool in the granite state. You could cool down at one of the waterparks in New Hampshire. There's Water Country and Castaway Island (at Canobie Lake Park).

However, there are many other places to satisfy your sweet tooth if you are wanting some ice cream in New Hampshire.

Scroll below to check out the New Hampshire ice cream shops in Yankee Magazine's article.

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