Leave it to our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron to present a mind blowing statistic about this season's Red Sox Yankees matchup that I could not believe.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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18% Of Their Remaining Games Are Against Each Other

I was doing the math, because, that's what I do, and I came up with this.


18% of the rest of the season is against the Yankees, basically, one in five games are going to be against New York the rest of the year, and I love it!


-Tom Caron on a wonderfully strange Red Sox 2021 Schedule

I very much appreciate TC's math homework as well as his optimism.


I wouldn't be honest with myself if I didn't point out a couple of possible clouds that could get in the way of this silver lining.

Some years, one team just has the other teams number. If this is the case for this year and the Pinstripers get all the key hits, lucky bounces and crucial calls, this could have terrible consequences.

The Sox are going to need to continue their torrid pace to make the playoffs this year and if one fifth of their games are, shall we say, doomed? That's the last thing they need!

Also, familiarity breeds contempt.

Could you imagine if the historic bad blood starting pumping again this weekend. Head hunting and bench clearing brawls for almost 20% of the remaining schedule? Both teams will be lucky to even make it to October with everybody ailing from MMA type injuries!

Alright, now that my nonsense is out of the way. Play ball!

Should be an amazing 106 game stretch!

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