Maine is a beautiful and scenic state with locals staying for generations and tourists flocking every season. We have majestic mountains, gorgeous rocky shores, and tall pines you can get lost in.

Regardless of our beauty, we are still in a spooky state with hauntings that will make your hair stand up.

Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport

House Magazine, an interior decorating publication, recently released a list of the most haunted homes in every state and Maine’s is right in Kennebunkport.

The article claimed that our romantic Bed and Breakfast Inn in Kennebunkport, Captain Lord Mansion, is our most haunted home in the state. It sits right in one of Maine’s most visited towns in the summertime.

The home was built in 1812 by its namesake, Captain Lord, which is a creepy name in itself. Today, the Inn is allegedly haunted by his wife Phoebe, who apparently has been seen roaming the halls, standing on the spiral staircase, and watching guests in her former room, the Lincoln Room.

Ironically, when Phoebe Lord lived there, her chambers were called “Wisteria” which means “remembrance of the dead”, according to Haunted Houses.

The same website shares the alleged sightings but honestly, it doesn’t sound that scary. They all just claim that there’s a woman dressed in 1800s attire floating around. That will not keep me up at night.

Hauntings in Maine

If you want to talk about scary occurrences in Maine, it gets way scarier than a woman still inhabiting the home she loved. She doesn’t bother anyone or make any noises, so what’s there to be spooked about?

What’s WAY more frightening is the old Engine House in Auburn where doors have been seen opening and closing by themselves or at the Community Littre Theatre where there have been sightings reported of seeing faces in the windows.

I’d take a nice woman standing on a staircase any day over spirits making noises and moving things around!! Sure, the mansion is haunted, but I wouldn’t call it the most haunted home in Maine.

Do you have a scarier story than this?

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