My favorite season is the summer! I'm not a skier.

I've heard before, "Oh, you're from NH, you must be a skier!" Ummm.... no.

I'm a hot-dog eater, soda drinkin', ball park going, swimming in every body of water person. The cold is not for me.

My favorite summer places in NH? Where do I begin?

My earliest memories are from Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH, then when my son was young, I would take him to Water Country in Portsmouth every year.  One year, he thought it would be HILARIOUS to hide from me in the waterfall during a very busy day and nearly give his mother a heart attack looking for him.

Apparently, he could see me the whole time, the Little Darling.

Another favorite place during the summer has to be Hampton Beach. I am a child of the 80s, and NOTHING was cooler than cruising the Boulevard at Hampton Beach.

When I think about it today, it seems ridiculous. Round and round we drove, checking out all the boys, and we HAD TO look cool.

If my girls and I got a look back from the cute boys, we ran away. Sometimes, depending on how many Malibu Pink Fizzy Lemonades we had. We were hard core. So, YES, I am very happy that the snow is melting, and soon I will be knee deep in the coldest salt water on the planet.

Bring on the Fizzy Lemonade!

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