Before I put my thoughts and opinions in here, I'm just going to give you the straight facts, ok? has singled out the most elite burgers in each state "By factoring in customer reviews, local and national awards, personal experiences, and recommendations."

They have found the spots with the most delicious burgers, and here in Maine, it's coming out of Westbrook.

Named with the best cheeseburger, Blazes Burger in Westbrook takes the crown.

Now, I won't lie, since Maine has such an extensive list of really delicious burger joints, I was a little shocked that Blazes Burger took the top dog.

Naturally, I had to go check out Yelp and see what all the customers were saying, and after reading all these reviews, I may have to be put in my place about this place.

Danielle V said,

"Wow is all I have to say! Such an amazing burger. I got the Breakfast Burger and it was incredible and the prices are also great. I added the poutine on my tater tots and it had cheese curds on it (my favorite) and so many of them! You can get all kind of spices for your fries or tots. We got take out but you can order there and they have quite a few tables to eat at. They have beer and other canned beverages but no alcohol. Sooo many different burger options to try! Must stop if you like burgers!"


Okay, okay. I'm convinced. What do you guys think? Out of every place you've ever been to for a big juicy burger, does Blaze's really take the crown?

One more Yelp review for the people in the back:

Erika H said,

"My husband and myself ordered there for the first time.
I ordered Chicken Parm, he ordered Toman Gold. Both were very delicious. The service was quick and friendly. Felt like visiting with your best friend. We will definitely go there again!"

Have you been here? Where is your favorite place to get a hamburger in Maine?

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