One of the biggest perks about living in Maine, or New England for that matter,  is the beautiful lake life we're surrounded by.

You don't have to just choose one every summer, there are over 6,000 bodies of water in Maine, according to the University of Maine.

But have you ever wondered which one was the most "beautiful" of all the lakes?

Well,, has selected the most beautiful lake from every state in the United States, and they've named:

Echo Lake in Acadia National Park the Most Beautiful Lake in Maine

Sitting deep in one of the most popular parks in the world, this pretty freshwater swimming spot is called Echo Lake. Actually, it's on its own little planet called Mount Dessert Island.

This is a very bold statement though right?  If the Insider is naming this lake the most beautiful body of water in Maine, I'm going to show you what the scenery of the place looks like in every season and let you decide.

Echo Lake In The Fall:

Not that I want to remind you that colder weather is creeping up shortly here in New England, but this is the eye candy you'll find once it does.

Echo Lake in The Summer

The water is actually super clear, and any lake that has boulders sticking out of it automatically has my approval.

Echo Lake In The Winter

I'll be honest, it's still pretty. As of now, it still has my vote.

Echo Lake in the Spring

Yup. Still pretty.

If you've made it this far, what are your thoughts?

Do you think Echo Lake deserves the title of the most beautiful lake in the state of Maine?

Sidenote: There are also tons of pretty hiking trails close by that will lead you up to a bunch of cliffs. Once you reach those cliffs, you can see the real views this baby has to offer.

Side-sidenote: There is also a shuttle bus called The Island Explorer Bus that will pick you up and drop you off right back to where you parked your car after your adventure. I'm in. I agree. Lake Echo in Acadia wins.

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