Mount Washington, Massachusetts

This is worth a road trip.  Mount Washington, Massachusetts, is home to the tallest waterfall in the Commonwealth.

Who knew there was a town called Mount Washington in Massachusetts?  It's not home of the famous New Hampshire mountain. However, the water from the tallest waterfall in Bish Bash Falls does come from Mount Washington, according to 

The drop of the waterfall is 80 feet into a beautiful, emerald-colored pool of beauty.  Visitors to the waterfall should be aware, however, that people have died because they did not realize how shallow the pool was, and jumped from the top to their demise.

Hiking is Ok, but Rock Climbing is Not

Put on your hiking shoes to explore the many trails, but don't plan on going rock climbing. It is not allowed.

You can take your furry four-legged friend, but you must keep them on a leash and pick up after them, of course.  Also, you must remember to bring bug spray (especially during the warmer days), or you will be eaten alive.

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Not only is Bash Bish Falls the tallest waterfall, but according to this TikToker, it may be haunted because of the people who have died at that spot, including an Indian woman accused of adultery and sent over the falls tied to a canoe.  She died, but her body was never found (cue scary music....).


Bish Bash Falls is approximately three hours and 20 minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just before you enter New York.  It's definitely worth the road trip.

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