I barely got over the shock of seeing this New England coffee chain had vacated the property along Route 11 last summer, just in time to see that they have returned to Farmington!

Oleksii Afanasiev

Honey Dew Donuts - 471 A - Route 11 ,  Farmington

The same exact location as before!

Allow me to begin by making this perfectly clear, this is not a paid endorsement.

When it comes to coffee, I love each and every brand so much for their unique flavor and distinctive goodies, that the idea of picking just one of them has always been difficult.

That being said, I love Honey Dew's coffee for a reason that is inherently NON-New England.

Believe it or not, I hadn't tried it until about eight years ago. Up to that point, I had thought that the only coffee on Earth that had their smooth and mild flavor blend was Dutch Bros.

Don't bother looking for that brand around here. The closest location is nearest the Kansas/Oklahoma border. Whenever I go to Las Vegas, I always make sure to visit the DB location on Tropicana Avenue.

The iced coffee is so delicious that if it was served in a gallon pitcher, I'd probably finish it in two minutes.

And, in my humble opinion,  Honey Dew's iced is nearly indistinguishable from Dutch Bros.

The only thing that troubles me about this development, was that nobody told me that Honey Dew was back! I have family members and co-workers that live in Farmington too.

Dear Reader, will you please promise me that in the future, if you see ANY new coffee place popping up ANYWHERE in the Tri-State area.

Let me know about it!

Feel free to message me on The Shark App, extending me that courtesy will make me ever so happy.

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